Coming Events (save these dates)
Oct. 20     Sunday School
Nov. 2      Fall Craft Sale and Marketplace 9:00 AM-3:00 PM
Nov. 3      Sunday School
Nov. 9      Schnitzel-Making-Day
Nov. 16    Christmas Bazaar
Nov. 17    Sunday School
Nov. 23    Novemberfest
Nov. 25    Death Cafe 7:00 PM
Dec. 1      Sunday School
Dec. 6      Charles Dickens’ – A Christmas Carol 7:30 PM
Dec. 8      185th Anniversary of St. Peter’s with Bishop Michael Pryse,
10:00 AM
Dec. 15    Sunday School
Dec. 15    Sunday School
Dec. 22    Sunday School Pageant, Lunch and Silent Auction

The Life of St. Peter’s for the week of October 20th-October 27th, 2019

2:00 pm    Bridges to Health (Parlour, Art Rm, Chapel)
6:00 pm    TOPS (Art Rm – Rental)

10:30 am    NA Miracle in the Morning (Scout Rm - Rental)
6:30 pm     Girl Guides - Pathfinders (Art Room - Rental)

11:00 am   Communion at St. Peter’s Place
6:00 pm    26th Scout Group (Scout Rm, Art Rm, Fellowship Hall - Rental)
7:00 pm    Immanuel City (Music Room - Rental) 

10:30 am   NA Miracle in the Morning (Scout Rm - Rental)
7:30 pm     Choir  

10:00 am
  Worship Service with Communion
11:30 am   Immanuel City (Art Room- Rental)